January 29, 2017

Future Milestones

Cable Station Cover Photo | Valentia Transatlantic Cable Foundation

Valentia Cable World Heritage

May 31

The Gathering

The Gathering | Valentia Transatlantic Cable Foundation
Valentia Island hosted an event as part of ‘The Gathering, Ireland 2013’ to share the idea of the UNESCO World Heritage Site for the Transatlantic Cable sites on the island.
September 30

Feasibility Paper Funded

Funding is secured to complete the Valentia Island, Ireland UNESCO World Heritage Feasibility Report.
May 27

Feasibility Paper 1 Published

American Irish Historical Society | Valentia Cable
  • The Trans-Atlantic Cable as World Heritage Paper 1: Authenticity, Integrity and Associated Considerations for the Ensemble of Sites at Valentia Island, County Kerry, Ireland is completed.
  • The feasibility report was presented at the American Irish Historical Society on May 27 in New York.
March 16

Paper 2 Funded

  • Funding secured from Intel Ireland to complete Paper 2, in order to assess further the possibility of UNESCO World Heritage status.
  • Valentia Island World Heritage is included in the County Kerry Economic Development Plan and coordinated with the 150th Cable Anniversary celebration plans in NY and DC USA, London UK, Valentia Island Ireland, and Hearts Content Canada.
July 14

150th Anniversary

150th Anniversary | Valentia Transatlantic Cable Foundation
  • Paper 2 is completed, demonstrating that the Trans-Atlantic cable is of Outstanding Universal Value.
  • The 150th Anniversary celebrations welcome representatives from the US and Canadian embassies, the Irish government and industry leaders to Valentia. The events are reported on national television and radio.
  • The Valentia Transatlantic Cable Foundation Board is established.
December 31

Skellig Coast & the Cable Story

  • Cable project is included in Kerry County Council Tourism Strategy and Action Plan 2016 - 2022.
  • Cable Building Restoration begins.
December 31

Cable Station Renovations

  • Implement a fundraising campaign to restore the Valentia Cable Station by arranging strategic partnerships, attracting donors and obtaining funding from the State.
  • Position the Transatlantic Cable story as a major project on Fáilte Ireland’s Skellig Coast tourism plan, which will involve the creation of an interactive experience in Valentia.
  • Progress the UNESCO World Heritage application at national level and work with Newfoundland on a joint application.
  • Initiate the Valentia Island Lecture Series.
  • Take possession of the James Graves archives, kindly donated by the Graves family and Donard de Cogan. Graves was Superintendent of the Valentia Cable Station from 1865 - 1909.
  • Secure funding for a Valentia Cable Station animation.
December 31

Further Progress on Cable UNESCO Project

  • Catalogue equipment and memorabilia on the Transatlantic cable story.
  • Continue to raise the profile of the Transatlantic cable story at national and international level.
  • Complete the Valentia Cable Station animation.
  • Continue the fundraising campaign and assess any new strategies necessary taking account of funding requirements.